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Become a distributor for the most unique push notification marketing programme you have ever seen. A technology that can be applied to any current business in the UK. Build up a huge business anywhere in the UK receiving monthly fees from your clients. Earn thousands and thousands of pounds part time with little effort. Create an amazing six figure income over time as your client base builds.


This is a ground floor opportunity to embrace a new technology and put yourself right at the front of the many people, who will wish they had access to this the opportunity in a few years time. Timing in business is everything and frankly the new changes to data protection and the GDPR mean that this technology is going to explode, as more people access more and more information on their mobile devices. Currently you have little or no competition, currently more and more markets are opening up and more and more people are getting exposed to this type of marketing. Never discount the first mover advantage in business. Digital marketing is here to stay.

  • Join us and offer this unique technology to others and to businesses in your area
  • Build up a huge monthly repeat income
  • Multiple packages for multiple business types
  • Keep 50% of all the repeat income you create
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