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IT'S AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3

There are different beacons to choose from. You can have a static beacon, inside or outside your premises, or a mobile beacon attached to yourself or your keyring.

There is no limit to how many beacons you can have at any one location.

A simple notification is pushed via bluetooth from the beacon in your premises onto devices in the area. The notification will link to your chosen advert. This will encourage the customer to buy on the spot instead of searching around or tapping into the internet for a better deal. Bluetooth allows connectivity up to 300 meters from your beacon.

Imagine having the power to send a business message / offer / special event / discount to anyone close by… this is truly revolutionary!

Change, rotate and schedule your marketing message. It’s as easy as 123

How the beacon technology works

Proximity marketing is a tool which has been used in America for some time now, to great effect. For some of the biggest companies in the states, this technology has become a mainstay of their marketing activities, yet it is largely unheard of in the UK.

Using our Bluetooth beacons you can send marketing messages directly to smartphone devices using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Your message will appear on the device of nearby smartphones and can be used to direct people to your website, show a map of how to find your business with a special offer attached or direct traffic to a contact form, generating quality leads for your business.

The beacons are small and can be placed in areas of high footfall, in a vehicle which is constantly on the move or simply clipped to your keys so you can broadcast your business everywhere you go.

Batteries typically last between three to six months and the cost of the beacons is such that you really can set it up and forget about it while the business simply rolls in.

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