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Plans and Pricing

Our plans and prices are a combination of the technology required to deliver your message to all enabled phones and mobile devices and marketing services, advertisement, multimedia and graphic design.

The prices are laid out based on the number of beacons and the number of specific rotations of your marketing ads.

All packages are designed, managed and rotated by our in house marketing team. We specialise in creating powerful marketing messages, that are pushed out to those people in close proximity to your business. This direct and localised marketing technology ensures that as an SME, you spend part of your marketing budget, focused on those people that are most likely to spend, people in the proximity of your till!!

Bespoke Packages

Platinum packages are bespoke and tailored to each individual businesses needs, the local distributor will run through a simple and effective marketing analysis of your needs and wants, this includes a three step approach to implementation of a complete marketing strategy. A complete package would include:

  • Initial Testing
  • Scalability and feasibility consultations
  • Full package expansion programme


25 Metre radius, ideal for mobile business cards, trade shows, or mobile staff, account managers


100 Metre radius, ideal for shops malls indoor businesses, shopping centres, mobile business cards, trade shows as a pocket beacon, or mobile staff and account managers


300 Metre radius, waterproof ideal for outdoor events outside any business.

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