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Our business is based on sourcing used clothes from all over the country and on selling them to our local network of mainly fashion conscious ladies. ProxMax and their proximity marketing technology allows us to send a notification around all the local areas, as we deliver our product to our customers. Fantastic ROI and results, this is a very powerful marketing technology, as it deals with people in the areas we service. Proximity is the future, amazed at the results.

We are extremely proud to have been awarded ‘Wirral’s Bar of the Year’ for seven years and ‘Merseyside Bar of the Year’ for the third time in 2016. To enable us to continue to offer cutting edge hospitality, by building up our local clientele, and communicating about our busy events calendar every day and rotating our specials using Proximity Marketing, has rewarded us with a strong local following and we remain a busy award winning and vibrant venue.

Finding people who want to change their life by learning how to run a trading business is our core business model, and the ProxMax marketing technology, has helped us to greatly increase the quality of the leads generated and allows us to reach more people who are interested in our opportunity. We use roaming technology and fixed beacon marketing and the guys from ProxMax have really driven our lead generation forward and into the 21st century. Conversion and interaction is amazing, and we only talk to people at the end of the buying cycle.

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