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What ProxMax focus on is setting up and managing a powerful marketing strategy, with specific ads to target your customers and clients, and a rotation system to allow you to change your message to suit your business. This is the key to our success and that of those business owners who use our services. ProxMax help businesses set up digital closed communities of loyal customers allowing you to build a growing community around your brand or business. You see professional push marketing messages, are enabled via our ProxMax application, so it matters not what mobile device your customers use, and your ads target these loyal customers at or close to the point of sale, is a unique full service marketing and advertising strategy, unique in the UK and is so effective that it is set to be a sixty million
dollar industry, over the next five to ten years.


The applications for this technology are mind blowing and the size of the expected take up of this proximity marketing based beacon technology, driven by current mobile device domination in itself, creates this opportunity for small to medium businesses here in the UK.

Initially, SME’s are expected to take up and trial this technology, as it seems like a no brainer, although where and how it is best used, what industries, products and services it is most effective on, will be part of the development of Proximity Marketing in the UK.

ProxMax are developing a network of individuals and businesses across the UK to help service the growing volumes of happy businesses owners, who are using Proximity Marketing to provide specials, discounts and offers to local customers who are in the proximity of the ‘Point of Sale’.

We are targeting people who want to receive offers and specials and create loyal customers from these people through our own Ap, a simple one click set up and that customer is locked into receive your message every time they are in the proximity of your business, up to 300 meters.

This ability to target the customers or prospective customers, who are close to the business is a key element in why this technology will dominate marketing in the years to come. Proximity marketing technology is being actively used by more and more businesses. As many new phones are released, with different operating systems and versions our simple one click Ap set up allows you to lock them all in to your marketing message for good.

All our Ap does is pre-enable notification permissions on the device, this then locks in that customer, over time as each visitor is enabled through simple interaction at the point of sale the growth of your digital closed community will only increase exponentially.

The Future

As more businesses in each town or city sign up then more customers of more and more businesses are enabled, this provides a real motivation for customers to visit as the area as there are more offers, specials and discounts from the many many shops, restaurants, eateries, businesses and service providers, and this increases footfall and rejuvenates shopping and retail areas.

The implications for getting involved are clear, the motivations are obvious and the decision not to join looks dubious. The objective is to increase footfall and spending for retail and leisure industries, provide better product and service delivery all backed by a close community customer service experience and take up will grow exponentially providing businesses with strong return on investment (ROI).

Ap development, proximity marketing beacon technology, close to point of sale interaction and engagement and strong discount proposition and superb value for customers, and ultimately that is the objective of most businesses, more visits from more people, build brand and business loyalty and reverse the trend of technology working against local business for a change.

As more people, actively use mobiles for instant internet access and online browsing, this will attract more and more businesses to this technology. Businesses are starting to realise that the mobile revolution has only just started and more and more will now rush to embrace Proximity Marketing.

ProxMax are market leaders in creating packages that fit perfectly into any business, promoting its base product or service range, and over time transform the locals, that are in proximity of your business, into your loyal customers, patrons or clients. The more businesses get involved the stronger the value proposition is for each town or city area.


This is just a small list of businesses that can take advantage of this unique technology, by attracting people, already in their local proximity and hitting them with a clear message or offer, right to their enabled mobile devices, using our unique Ap to ensure they stay enabled.

Once in proximity of the business they are locked in to receiving your message and they are much more likely to act upon the information and your appealing offers, discounts and specials. Simply building your own digital community, closed to your and other local businesses, and using revolving and changing messages that develops loyal and growing footfall and revenues.

By pushing a notification and hitting them with a marketing message, when they are closest to the ‘Point of Sale’, they are therefore statistically, more likely to spend. This is a real game changer as it allows small businesses to communicate their offers, specials and discounts directly to any mobile device within a range of 300 metres (1000 feet).

Cost effective, powerful, high return on investment (ROI), brand new technology, with multiple methods of attracting customers and drawing them into spend, when closest to your door. This is the 21st century loyalty programme and marketing technology that all businesses need to explore.

To learn how your business can benefit from this truly 21st century technology, fill in the form below and request a call back from a local agent

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